Oklahoma Crippy specializes in medical marijuana cultivation, processing and providing the highest quality wholesale medical marijuana products and clones throughout Oklahoma.

We supply dispensaries across Oklahoma and work with other cultivators to process and sell MMJ products.

We are leading the way in delivering high quality products to dispensaries across the state while working with other cultivators to process and sell medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.

MMJ dispensaries

Oklahoma Crippy works with a range of high quality processors and cultivators to deliver a range of medical marijuana products. From rosin to crumble, kief to shatter and even THCa products, our specially selected suppliers deliver consistent quality you can rely on.

We take immense pride in delivering sustainable quality, reliable products and competitive prices to all our dispensary partners.

MMJ cultivators

Oklahoma Crippy work with an extensive network of medical marijuana cultivators in Oklahoma to market, promote and sell their products. We believe in fruitful partnerships where quality cultivators can focus on their work while we sell their goods.

Our cultivation partners work with a variety of strains and reliable breeders to deliver a series of premium products suitable for the growing MMJ market in Oklahoma.

MMJ processors

Oklahoma Crippy is hemp processor as well as medical marijuana wholesaler. We produce our own range of MMJ products and work with other processors to create concentrates, edibles and a variety of innovative products that are in demand by the market.

We believe in letting people concentrate on what they do best. We can take your raw product to create handcrafted cannabis products and sell them directly to our wholesale partners.

Reliable wholesale medical marijuana products

Oklahoma Crippy sources and curates only the best medical marijuana products using the best ingredients. We check and test every strain and every product from every supplier because we know how challenging it can be finding a reliable partner in this new industry.

We have already built a reputation for reliability and constancy, both in our products and supply.

Oklahoma Crippy works tirelessly to attract talented cultivators and processors to the fold. All so we can provide our dispensary partners the quality of product they demand.

Oklahoma Crippy provides:

  • Hand-curated MMJ products
  • MMJ Clones & Seeds
  • Personalized wholesale service
  • Full spectrum products
  • High production standards
  • Reliable partnerships with dispensaries, cultivators and processors

If you’re looking for a dependable wholesale cannabis partner that puts as much energy into relationships as they do into their products, Oklahoma Crippy is it.

Contact Oklahoma Crippy today to see what we can achieve together!

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