Two charged with selling medical marijuana to people without a card

Two employees at an Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensary have been charged with supplying to customers who don’t have a medical marijuana license. It’s a wakeup call to all dispensaries to improve their training and be much more aware of who is buying and who is selling.

The two employees were caught by an undercover cop in Oklahoma City. The cop bought medical marijuana on three different occasions from Herb-N-Legends dispensary located near Northwest 26th Street and North MacArthur Boulevard without the proper license. This resulted in charges being brought against the two employees who served the cop for illegal distribution of marijuana.

State law in Oklahoma requires all medical marijuana dispensaries to check for a valid license before the sale.

“Some evidence was seized from the business pertaining to these illegal sales,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. That evidence apparently includes CTV footage from the store showing the transaction and the employees not checking for the medical marijuana license.

Tightening ship

This news should act as a wakeup call to all medical marijuana dispensaries. This is a new industry that is often tolerated grudgingly and not without bad feeling. It’s an industry that while legal, still needs to work extra hard to ensure it stays on the right side of the law and play the game well enough to stay legal and compliant at all times.

This incident shows that all dispensaries need to improve staff training and oversight and ensure every employee knows state law, the correct procedure for selling medical marijuana and the penalties for not complying with those laws.

The bust has gotten news coverage and is generating the kind of negative PR the medical marijuana industry doesn’t need. If used as a learning opportunity by dispensaries in Oklahoma City, hopefully we should not see this kind of story again!

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