Dixie Brands entering the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry

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One of the best-known brands in the industry, Dixie Brands has announced it will be entering the burgeoning medical marijuana market in Oklahoma. Thanks to a manufacturing and licensing agreement, they should be entering the market in in early 2020.

Dixie Brands is well known for its range of marijuana-infused mints, topicals, elixirs and gummies. They initially had an agreement with another company but have changed their partner to a different operator local to Oklahoma. That company has requested anonymity for a short while before having their name published.

Dixie in Oklahoma

The agreement will mean Dixie Brands will work with this partner to use Dixie branded products, proprietary formulas and what they call  ‘GMP’ (Good Manufacturing Practices), quality control procedures and associated trademarks in the state of Oklahoma.

“We are excited to enter into this agreement with such a well-established partner to introduce Dixie products to Oklahoma ” said Chuck Smith, president and CEO, Dixie Brands. “The state has embraced legal cannabis over the past year, and we have high expectations for our comprehensive portfolio of award-winning products within such an established distribution network offering real speed to market.”

Dixie said they changed their partner because the new arrangement offered a much faster move to market and a wider distribution base. As the Oklahoma medical marijuana market is booming, getting to market fast is going to be a key component of the success or failure of the venture.

Oklahoma only legalized medical marijuana just over a year ago and already there have been thousands of licenses given to businesses and over 250,000 medical use licenses applied for. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority said they have already issued 1,700 dispensary licenses and the number is growing steadily.

With user, grower, processor and dispensary numbers growing, it’s a great time to enter the Oklahoma market. The Dixie Brands partnership will offer a range of innovative products and more consumer choice to that market. That’s a move that will benefit everyone involved.

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