Top 6 Purple Auto Flower Feminized Seed Packs for 2023

Welcome to our purple auto-flower seed selections for 2023!

An auto-flowering plant is a type of cannabis plant that will automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on its age, rather than the light cycle. Auto-flowering strains are generally easier to grow than regular strains, as they do not require the grower to carefully control the light cycle in order to initiate flowering.

A purple auto-flowering plant is a cannabis plant that is specifically bred to exhibit purple coloration during the flowering stage and is also an auto-flowering strain. Purple coloration in cannabis plants is often the result of the presence of high levels of anthocyanins, which are pigment molecules that produce blue, purple, or red colors depending on the pH of the plant tissue. Some strains are known for their purple coloration and are highly sought after by growers and consumers alike. Purple auto-flowering strains offer the convenience of automatic flowering combined with the visual appeal of purple coloration.

Our Purple Picks for This Year:

#1 Purple Lemonade Auto Feminized (Fast Buds) – visit vendors website

Purple Lemonade is an advanced Indica-leaning hybrid strain that has been developed through a careful cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics with autoflowering genetics. This strain offers a complex high that combines subtle Sativa kicks with light body-stoned sensations and has a zesty, sweet flavor profile that is enhanced by a strong sugary seasoning. It is ideal for those with a sweet tooth and is suitable for both daytime and evening use.

The buds of Purple Lemonade are characterized by their crystal-covered purple color, dark green-tipped sugar leaves, and rose pink trichomes, all of which are contrasted by bright orange pistils that shoot out in every direction. These compact, complex buds are a true visual treat. When smoked, Purple Lemonade provides an uplifting kick that can lead to a giggling fit and is followed by a wave of bodily relaxation that won’t leave users couch-locked or drowsy. It has a THC content of approximately 22%.

In terms of growth, Purple Lemonade is a relatively short strain that reaches a height of 70-110 cm (about 3 ft). It develops multiple chunky bud sites around the stem and has good internodal spacing, resulting in a beautiful contrast between the bright green stem, dark purple buds, and dark green and purple sugar leaves. Overall, Purple Lemonade is a visually striking and enjoyable strain to grow and smoke.

#2 Purple Punch Auto Feminized (Fast Buds) – visit vendors website

Introducing Purple Punch Auto, a giant autoflowering strain that reaches a height of 150 cm and produces impressive yields of up to 600 gr/m2. This strain is a modern, California-inspired Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts dense, resin-covered buds with a sweet, pastry-like taste and an impressive THC content of 24%. When smoked, Purple Punch Auto provides a motivating and uplifting high that gradually relaxes the body, leaving users feeling mellow and clear-headed. Despite its strong Indica effects, Purple Punch Auto won’t leave you couch-locked thanks to its Sativa genetics, which provide a pleasant head-buzz and a sense of creativity.

Purple Punch Auto produces rounded, compact buds with bright orange or yellow hairs and copious amounts of trichomes that give the buds a frosty appearance. The light green buds may exhibit subtle purple or lime green tones and have a charming, attractive look. The aroma of Purple Punch Auto is a mouth-watering mix of earthy cherries and blueberry muffins with a spicy touch.

This strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and has a relatively compact growth habit despite its height. It produces wide, thick fan leaves and a thick, tall main cola with shorter side branches and spaced-out internodes where the frosty flowers develop. Overall, Purple Punch Auto is a high-quality Indica-dominant strain with bag appeal that will surprise even the most experienced growers.

#3 Auto Purple Feminized (Seedsman)- visit vendors website

Auto Purple Feminized Seeds

Auto Purple is a feminized, Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its fast-growing nature and heavy yields of dense, purple buds. With a growth cycle of just 50-60 days from seed to harvest, this strain is an excellent choice for those who are new to growing, as it has excellent resistance to common beginner issues like overwatering. This is due in part to its strong Ruderalis genetics, which are adapted to harsh growing conditions.

Indoors, Auto Purple can yield up to 400g/m2, while outdoor growers can expect to harvest up to 80g/plant when grown correctly. This strain has a medium height of 60-120 cm and is best grown with a water EC of 1.0 in veg and up to 1.4 in flower, and a water pH of 5.8-6.0. It is recommended to use a 300 W LED light for veg and a 600 W HPS light for flower, along with Age Old Organics 1GR4C Grow nutrients.

Auto Purple has a pungent aroma with hints of spice, and its buds are dark purple and covered in a layer of white trichomes. Its taste is strong, with earthy and spicy notes, and it is known for its beautiful appearance and enjoyable smoke. If you’re looking for a fast-growing, high-yielding strain that delivers both visually and in terms of flavor and effects, Auto Purple is a great choice.

#4 Purple Juice Feminized (Herbies Seeds) – visit vendors website

Purple Juice Auto is a unique and complex purple cannabis strain that is sure to turn heads with its bright color and uplifting effects. This autoflowering strain has been expertly bred to deliver an exceptional experience, and it doesn’t sacrifice either appearance or effects for the other.

While Purple Juice Auto is predominantly indica in its genetics, it also has strong sativa influences that provide an uplifting, head-clearing high. This strain delivers a classic indica body buzz while also offering the benefits of sativa genetics, making it a versatile choice for a variety of occasions.

Purple Juice Auto has a moderate THC content of 22%, which means it won’t cause couch lock or excessive sedation. Instead, you can expect an energizing high that gently soothes the body and helps to alleviate stress, pain, and insomnia. If you’re looking for a strain that is both visually striking and enjoyable to smoke, Purple Juice Auto is the perfect choice.

#5 Dark Purple Auto Feminized (Delicious Seeds)- visit vendors website

Our Auto Dark Purple (DS4) is a highly sought-after strain that has been developed through several generations of crossing OG Kush with Purple Kush. It is known for its unique aroma and beautiful purple tones, which are enhanced by cool nights. This strain is easy to grow and produces high-quality buds with an average THC content of 18%, which is relatively high for an auto-flowering strain. It is a compact and dense plant with a dense canopy and high yield, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, as well as urban cultivation on balconies or terraces due to its discreet size and purple color. Overall, it is a strain that is well-suited for those who appreciate kush genetics and want to cultivate a purple strain.


#6 Banana Purple Punch Auto Feminized (Seedsman) – visit vendors website

Banana Purple Punch Auto is a high-yielding, fast-flowering strain that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, particularly in cooler climates. This indica-dominant strain grows to a height of 80-120 cm and produces an impressive 450-550 gr/m2 of buds within just 8 weeks when grown indoors. Outdoors, each plant has the potential to yield 60-200 gr of dense, colorful buds that display shades of purple, pink, and magenta, complemented by bright orange hairs.

The terpene profile of Banana Purple Punch is sweet and fruity, with notes of banana and strawberry gummy bears. Extract makers will appreciate its high THC content of 26% and low CBD content of less than 1%. The effects of this strain are gradual, beginning with a feeling of relaxation that gradually spreads throughout the body, leaving users feeling sedated and stoned from head to toe. It is an effective strain for relieving stress and pain, increasing appetite, and promoting a sense of happiness and relaxation. It is also a great choice for winding down at the end of the day and getting a good night’s sleep.



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