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BHO Hash Coins are similar to rosin but instead of using heat and pressure for extraction, butane is used instead. BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil and is the collective name for all extracts that use butane to extract.

BHO is a very popular product thanks to its purity and price advantage over other extraction methods. Done right, BHO is a very viable method of extraction that delivers a consistent quality product.

BHO Hash Coins use extract that are then pressed into a coin shape. They end up looking like cookies, with a similar consistency. They can be crumbled and used as required.

Deals ends in:



  • Depends entirely on the strains used

Common use

  • Can help relieve depression
  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Works as a pain reliever
  • Can help with stress or insomnia


  • Very relaxing

It’s difficult to exactly quantify the effects of BHO Hash Coins as they can use different strains. What we can say from experience is that they are often smooth with a modest initial hit before relaxing.

BHO Hash Coins are easy to handle and to use. They can be crumbled into edibles, made into food. Be careful though as it can contain up to 95% THC! We would definitely recommend starting slowly and building yourself up for the best experience.

If you’re a fan of BHO products, you know the process is not something you can do at home. Therefore, finding a reliable wholesale supplier of BHO Hash Coins is worth a lot. Oklahoma Crippy is one such supplier!

3 reviews for BHO Hash Coins (sold out)

    Kate and William K.
    January 26, 2021
    These are the best coins in Oklahoma IMO
    Dennis Walker
    December 12, 2020
    When will these be back in stock?
    November 20, 2020
    Never tried these before but picked some up to see how they did. Customers seem to love them, will probably buy another case in a couple months as sales seem to be strong on these. Good stuff, thanks!
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