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For wholesale THCA shatter sales call or txt Rex @ 321-695-5027 during normal business hours or use the form. If nobody answers, leave a voicemail and someone will get with you as quickly as possible.

Shatter is a brittle extract that breaks very easily, hence its name. If you have ever made brandy snaps, it’s a very similar consistency. It’s light, breaks easily but is very easy to use, which is why it’s so popular.

Shatter is extracted using a chemical process and can be clear all the way to golden brown. It has a taffy-like consistency and snap when done right but comes in all kinds of consistencies.

As with any extract, the exact character and effect depends on the strain used.



  • Smooth and easy going
  • Clean
  • Some aroma depending on how you use it

Common use

  • Helps relieve depression
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Can be used as pain relief


  • Euphoric
  • Intense

Shatter can be made from a multitude of strains to specifics of its effects are tough to predict. What we can say is that shatter is a very convenient way access a THCA level of up to 85%.

Shatter can be intense so be prepared for euphoria before settling down into relaxation. Some users report feeling heavy and lethargic but also very comfortable at the same time. For this reason and its convenience, shatter is a top seller here at Crippy Farm.

As shatter is a concentrate, you need to keep it as pure as possible and free from dirt and debris. Keep it safe in an airtight container away from moisture and direct sunlight. It will eventually soften over time but you can slow this process by keeping it in a cold dark place.

You can also safely freeze shatter as long as you portion it out before freezing.

3 reviews for Wholesale THCA Shatter

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    Go ahead and put us on re-order for the shatter, people really loving it. Good stuff my man!

  2. usps

    it was pretty good but shipping took a week and a half. maybe try next day shipping or atleast 3 dayy shipping

  3. JAMIE


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