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Wholesale pricing on THCA Isolate Powder starts at $3,500 per kilo. Contact to discuss price-breaks on larger orders. Sample orders are 100g at $7 per gram.

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THCA Isolate is an almost pure refined product manufactured from THC, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It has a light, white crystalline appearance that comes as rocks or powder depending on the source.

THCA Isolate has a very mild aroma but strong effect if smoked. It is then transformed into THCA decarboxylates into delta9-THC which can have quite a powerful effect.

When ingested orally, THCA Isolate has no psychoactive effects and is ideal for medical use.

THCA Isolate can be dabbed, mixed with juices, liquids and foods where preparation doesn’t expose the isolate to heat. Use it in edibles, smoothies, lotions, oils and anything you like for maximum medical benefits.


No smell, no taste and benign when ingested orally with no psychoactive effects

Common use

THCA Isolate has a multitude of medical uses, including:

  • Anti-inflammatory – THCA Isolate can help treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • Neuroprotective – Can be used to help treat neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Can be used as general pain relief for a range of medical conditions
  • Can also be used as a sedative for relaxation and to aid sleep
  • Can help reduce nausea and vomiting


THCA Isolate, when taken orally has no ‘high’ or psychoactive effects. This makes it ideal for medical use and is currently undergoing trials to assess its effectiveness at treating a number of conditions.

THCA Isolate is firmly believed to deliver neuroprotective effects against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. While the science isn’t yet there to back it up, the one study so far has seen positive signs through its use.

THCA Isolate is also thought to be anti-inflammatory. This can benefit those with muscle or joint issues, chronic pain, epilepsy, arthritis and other conditions that involve the muscles or joints.

It is also useful for pain management, helping sleep, relaxation and reducing nausea and vomiting.

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    GL LLC
    January 11, 2021
    Love it. But we would like to arrange a larger order where we can get a larger price break if possible. Ken will reach out on Tuesday. Thanks a lot, talk soon.
    August 23, 2020
    That new packaging is lit brother it really stands out now on the shelf
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